Our Services

We advise a broad client base on efficient tax planning and put in place tax-efficient structures for investment and financing transactions, both domestic and cross-border, with each level of complexity and sophistication of the underlying investment embraced. The practice covers holding, financing and commercial structures in various industries with extensive experience in real estate, private equity, communications and media, information technology and intellectual property on the global platform. We also represent investors seeking to optimise their existing domestic and international investment schemes and advise on most efficient and innovative strategies to restructure group of companies.

We maintain an extensive international network with tax lawyers and content specialists worldwide when putting in place cross-border structures, tapping the relevant local expertise when needed. Our advisors’ depth of resources allow us to offer seamless advice to our clients across markets and to successfully navigate the regulatory regimes governing their businesses.

Our Clients

We provide practical advice and solutions to an international clientele of institutional and private clients whose businesses span over various industries and countries worldwide. Our clients benefit from the extensive expertise of our advisors and their excellent global network in this field and value the innovative and sophisticated solutions that are offered in anticipation of the ever-changing business environments worldwide.