Private Wealth and Corporate Services

Our Services

We provide expertise on international estate planning and wealth structuring, as well as asset protection and wealth preservation.

In providing our services in these fields, the focus is in particular set on corporate structures/restructuring for cross-border investments and asset protection schemes in an international context. In this respect, we take a multi-jurisdiction approach in selecting the most suitable jurisdiction, both in terms of asset holding vehicles and residency regimes. Within the process of defining and implementing tailored strategies and schemes for our clients, we assess the relevant tax positions in view of optimization.

Our team has extensive international experience in this field, tapping the relevant input from corporate law, tax law and civil law. Throughout the advisory process, we assist our clients in the implementation of the offered solutions and provide services relating to the incorporation and administrative management of Luxembourg special purpose vehicles. Our range of services does also cover the assistance to our clients in the relationship with banking institutions and asset managers worldwide. Our practice grows with our clients’ businesses in anticipation of the increasing complexity and sophistication of the regulatory regimes worldwide, which is navigated by our professionals to suit the clients best.

Our Clients

Our services are enjoyed by an international clientele of high net worth individuals, global families and entrepreneurs.

With those clients’ affairs spanning several jurisdictions and client family members domiciling in various jurisdictions, professionals and clients alike are increasingly facing challenges as to compliance and regulations internationally. Our professionals are well equipped to face said challenges together with the client and are constantly working towards accomplishing objectives in the best manner and offering most efficient solutions in the complex environment. Our clients value the displayed integrity, extensive expertise and global reach of our professionals and benefit from our access to relevant expertise that includes law firms in other jurisdictions, banking institutions and asset managers worldwide.